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Bedroom carpet treatment in Corpus Christi, TX.

Carpet Cleaning in Corpus Christi, TX

It isn't uncommon to find your carpet taking the full brunt of the damage as it absorbs and holds messes wherever they happen. At Floor Master, we take care of anything from slightly dirty to heavily soiled carpets with our carpet cleaning in Corpus Christi, TX. In addition to treating your carpet, we are also the team you can turn to when a pipe has burst, or flood water threatens the structural integrity of your property. Schedule a meeting with us today, and we can get your carpets looking like new again.

Your Number One Choice for Removing Dirt

Our carpet shampooing treatment can be applied in your home or place of business. We deep clean any heavily soiled carpets, removing gunk, dirt, and more that are stuck deep within the fibers. Our shampooing lifts and suspends the soil, making it easier to extract from your carpet for a more in-depth and noticeably clean. This procedure even helps in removing stains you once thought were permanent. We also offer steam cleaning that kills bacteria trapped deep within the carpet, which deodorizes it and leaves it smelling clean and fresh.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Another cleaning option available is our dry carpet cleaning method, which makes use of a cleaning powder and scrubber. Since this makes use of much less water, your carpet will be completely dry within a one to two-hour frame as opposed to the more common four to six-hour wait you can expect with a shampooed carpet treatment process. We will then finish it off with a high powered extractor to lift the leftover moist powder away and help it dry faster.

Flood Water Extraction

Sometimes pipes burst or nature strikes, and that can leave your property drowning in water. Unfortunately, water can cause structural damage to your walls and subflooring, requiring you to take an extra step to get it repaired. Should you find yourself in this situation, you can count on us for timely and reliable flood water extraction. We are always at the ready for any minor flooding situations, including toilet overflows, burst pipes, and excess rain — all of which threaten your property. We promptly remove the water and apply an anti-mold or anti-bacterial treatment to prevent mold and mildew from running rampant.

Reduce Nasty Odors with Comprehensive Carpet Cleaning

Over the years, your home may be subject to many small accidents that can add up to create an unpleasant smell. Pet urine, spilled drinks and food, mud, dirt, and bacteria can all become trapped in your carpet fibers, even if you vacuum regularly. With professional carpet cleaning, you can eliminate these ugly odors as well as stains that appear set into your carpet, creating a much fresher and pleasant environment for your family and guests. Whether we’re tackling a single problem area, a bedroom, or your entire home, we use effective and safe carpet treatment methods to provide the best possible results every time.

Benefits of Regular Floor Maintenance Services

Scheduling regular floor maintenance services with our team is the best way to ensure your carpets and other types of flooring stay in good, clean shape year-round. Even if your carpets don’t smell unpleasant or show obvious stains, you would be shocked at the difference when they’re finally cleaned by our professional cleaners. Our carpet treatment reaches all the way to the base of your carpeting, pulling up dirt, odors, and stains to leave a fresh expanse of carpeting for you to enjoy.

Contact us to discuss your needs or schedule services with our experienced team. We proudly serve clients throughout the Corpus Christi, Texas, area.