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Refresh Your Natural Stone Flooring in Corpus Christi, TX

Is your stone or tile flooring starting to look dull or scuffed? While these hard surfaces are incredibly durable, they do require some upkeep to maintain their beautiful appearance. Fortunately, you can count on Floor Master to keep your floor looking brand new even years after installation. 

We offer a full range of maintenance service for natural stone flooring in Corpus Christi, TX, as well as concrete tile. Whether you have granite, marble, or another material gracing your floors, we’ve got the equipment and expertise to make it shine. In addition, dry carpet cleaning and other types of flooring maintenance are also available. Talk to our team today for full details on our floor care services or to schedule maintenance for your home or business.

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Polish Your Floors for a Brilliant First Impression 

No matter if you are trying to impress guests or potential clients, a freshly polished floor will help. We clean every inch of your surface and make it gleam, while also taking care not to damage any part of your property. Furthermore, when you hire our professionals for tile or concrete polishing, you can rest assured that the job will be completed quickly and with minimal disruptions to your usual schedule. 

It’s best to hire experts to clean and polish your hard surfaces. Why? Certain types of cleaning solutions and polishing methods can actually damage your flooring. Ensure you get the results you want by trusting our licensed and trained floor maintenance team. With our skills, we can make even a concrete surface shine like a mirror. 

Stain Your Concrete for a Brand New Look 

Personalize your property with concrete staining. While people tend to think of concrete as a rather plain-looking material, it can be stained nearly any color to create a pleasing and unique look. Whether you prefer bold and contemporary styles or traditional, time-tested designs, our crew can make it happen. 

Staining isn’t just about color. We can also grind and polish your concrete surfaces to add special embellishments and visual texture. Furthermore, staining your concrete offers great benefits like increased durability and easier upkeep. 

Explore the possibilities today by calling our concrete and tile floor maintenance company. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about our floor care services, as well as arrange a consultation about the specific needs of your home or business.

 Contact us to schedule tile or stone floor care for your property. We proudly serve Corpus Christi and Weslaco, Texas, as well as clients along the Rio Grande Valley.